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In a land full of adventure, True North School of Leadership desires to mentor, motivate & prepare this emerging generation of leaders with life transforming truth and power of God!



Through a True North Church partnership with Northwest University, True North School of Leadership students get the very best of both the academic and practical ministry worlds.

It's more than a classroom. Our ministry training provides hands on contextualized learning.  True North staff engages with interns on a daily basis, implanting skills that you need to fulfill God’s plan for you

Interns in the True North School of Leadership have the option of enrolling part-time or full-time with Northwest University (NU) taking online classes. The NU courses are equivalent in every way to those taught on NU’s Kirkland campus. Concurrent with your courses, you will serve as an student at a thriving church where you can apply your lessons to real-world needs within the local church community, focusing on a specific ministry through practicums, and working closely with a member of our pastoral team.



The costs are drastically reduced to make the program more affordable. Fees and down payments have been waived.

$316.00 per credit*
$1,300 Program fee per semester*(provides resources for the NPP Training Program)
All tuition costs and program fees are eligible for federal financial aid.
$200 Site fee paid upon date of arrival to True North Church
* Typical semester of 12 credits of coursework (4 classes plus program fee) $5,092.00
Don't forget to fill out your FAFSA to apply for Federal Financial Aid. Use the School Code #003783 for Northwest University.
Degrees Offered through Northwest University
  • CML Certificate in Ministry Leadership
  • AML Associate of Ministry Leadership
  • AA Associate of Arts
  • BA Ministry Leadership
  • BA Business Management
  • BA Organizational Management

Practicums at True North Church:
  • Kids Ministry
  • Adult Ministries
  • Worship/Creative Arts
  • Youth Ministry

2021-2022 Calendar

Aug. 7 - Deadline for Fall 2021  enrollment
Aug 23-27 - Fall orientation and move-in days
Aug 30 – Fall Session A Begins (7 Weeks)
Sept 5 – Last Day to Add / Drop a Class (6 Days After Start of Session)
Oct 1 – New Student Application Open (Spring 2021 Semester)
Oct 17 – Fall Session A Ends (7 Weeks)
Oct 25 – Fall Session B Begins (7 Weeks)
Nov 1 – Last Day to Add / Drop a Class (6 Days After Start of Session)
Nov 1 – New Student Application Deadline – including transcripts (Spring 2022 Semester)
Nov 15 – New Student late Application Deadline. Must be complete (Spring 2022 Semester)
Dec 12 – Fall Session B Ends (7 Weeks)

Jan 10 – Spring Session A Begins (7 Weeks)
Jan 16 – Last Day to Add / Drop a Course (6 days after start of session)
Feb. 28 – Spring Session A Ends (7 Weeks)
Mar 7 – Spring Session B Begins (7 Weeks)
Apr 24 – Spring Session B Ends (7 Weeks)


Make sure to fill out each of the three forms below.  (Please note: Step Three is optional.) If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

Step One: Fill out the Student Information Form

Click here so we can get to know you better! All information will be kept confidential!

Step Two: Print Out the Pastoral Reference Form

Click here for the Pastoral Reference Form. Please print out this form and give to a pastor who you feel can best answer questions about your character and church leadership potential. Your pastor will need to mail the form to:
True North School of Leadership
2830 Airport Way
Fairbanks, AK 99709

*After Step one and Step two have been completed, you'll be contacted by our Director for an interview.

Step Three:  Apply to Northwest University (Optional)

After you've been accepted to the School of Leadership, Click here to apply. (This optional step is for those interested in participating in the educational piece.)

Common Questions

How long does True North School of Leadership last each year?
August-May TNSL follows closely the academic calendar of Northwest University. Although there are some slight shifts due to the location being at True North Church rather than at the NU campus (See Semester Schedule for further details.)

What will my weekly schedule look like?
The schedule of each week varies depending on your ministry internship track. All students are required to serve on the weekend at their campus as well as attend the weekly TNSL leadership meetings, weekly True North Church ministry team meeting, all church events (this will be explained in another section) and other practicum specific events.

Do I need a car?
It is preferred but not required. Some ministry opportunities will require reliable transportation during the week and on the weekends.

Do I need a job?
It is recommend and encouraged that TNSL students acquire a part-time job.

Can I intern in more than one ministry practicum track at a time?
Interns who are also taking NU classes may choose their internship in relation to the degree path they chose. In addition, interns will participate in general areas of service and ministry in an intentional manner to ensure that every student is exposed to and trained in as rounded of a ministry experience as possible. This will ensure the integrity of your development and give your area of study the attention it deserves.

As a student, how much access will I have to True North Church’s leadership?
You will have unlimited access to your Practicum Director who will be able to resource you with the experiences necessary to grow in your desired area of ministry. You will be given access to other leadership within True North Church through your Practicum Director and the School of Ministry Director.

Does TNSL provide housing?
We are committed to helping secure housing for each True North School of Leadership student! The following will provide practical and vital information to better serve all prospective TNSL students.  Housing is not a part of the TNSL cost, therefore, students are responsible for the official renting of these locations and will be the official renters. Students are responsible for the procurement of their housing prior to arrival.
We recognize this may seem like a daunting task, so we have done research on this end to find a viable option for True North School of Leadership students to take advantage of.  If students would prefer to find other options for housing, it is entirely up to them.  Please indicate to us if you'd like our assistance with housing.

What are my required time commitments?
Students will be given a detailed calendar and schedule of required time commitments for their internship and all church events.

What is the cost breakdown?
Interns taking NU classes are responsible for paying:
$316 per credit
$1300 program fee
$200 Site Fee

Will my classes transfer from another college?
This is a question you'd need to direct to Northwest University's admission office.  They can be reached at or 425-889-5311.
Please note: If you're transferring from the Northwest University campus in Kirkland, Wa.,  or any other NPP, those classes will transfer with no problem.

*The following are costs separate from True North School of Leadership
  • Textbooks
  • Housing (Amount needed/month is based upon rental location. Based upon average rentals with four roommates, it will be safe to plan for $300-$400 a month for housing.)
  • Food


Federal Financial Aid is available for those enrolling at Northwest University! Fill out a FAFSA here.
The school code for Northwest University is #003783


In a land full of adventure, True North School of Leadership desires to mentor, motivate & prepare this emerging generation of leaders with life transforming truth and power of God!


Contact Rob Aitken, Director